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PC version of the game Metal Detector Game is available for download here


DOWNLOAD – International Version 3.1
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Metal Detector Game – International Version
(English / German / French / Czech)

DOWNLOAD – International Version 1.0.15 s online score
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Table with the best results

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The game is played in three rounds and the goal is to achieve the highest score.
Maximum score is 14 570 points (3 × 4.590 points / round + 800 points for bonuses)
All three rounds will undergo for 9 minutes. Time is gradually shortened from four,
over three, up to two minutes in the third round.

At the scroll wheel or by pressing M you can change detector.

!!!This game is not intended to completely faithful imitation of the behavior of detectors
and their reactions to each objective, comparison or quality of the detectors!!!
It is just a fun game to reduce boredom.


Have fun and good luck with your search!


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